Why You Should Get A Switch Case in 2022

    September 27, 2022|usinnoaura

    Something we will solve today is that the unsightly Switch accessories piled up on your desk or floor, which may be Switch stylus, Switch thumb grips, or Switch stand; and have no idea when your Switch screen has been scratched and doesn't look so good.

    Thanks to Switch case, you can say goodbye to the disorderly Switch accessories. If you don't get a Switch case today, you'll miss out big time!

    Advantages of Switch Case

    It's hard to deny the convenience of having a Switch case. After all, Switch case has brought many positive changes as its portability, storage, tidiness. So, let's get to the point.

    1) Portable enough for you to carry out

    If you are not a compelete home-game player, you would like to play games in some places like your friend's house, park, camping, or trip, then you must need a portable Switch case.

    It's small and slight but with large capacity.

    2) Storage all your accessories

    If you've ever taken some time to find where your Switch accessories are, you know the appeal of the Switch case.

    The first advantage that comes to mind is you'll never have to fiddle with annoying accessories.

    You can easily get accessories after you own a Switch case because you know that they'll always be there.

    3) Keep tidy

    Imagine that you have a Switch and a series of accessories, and you store them in an empty cookie can, or a cabinet.

    These accessories are just laid out randomly and are disorganized. That's sucks, right?

    But if you have a Switch case, you can store all your accessories in this small box and all accessories will be placed orderly.

    4) Get a Switch accessories suit

    Do you want to save your money and your time? Ah, get an InnoAura Switch bundle!

    You'll never need to purchase essential accessories separately, we will prepare them for you.

    Enjoy your game moment, and leave the rest to us.

    Recommended Switch Bundle

    1) Nintendo Switch Lite Bundle

    Designed for Nintendo Switch Lite, this 17 in 1 Accessories Bundle is the latest version of Nintendo Switch Lite.

    It has 4 colors available: Yellow, Blue, Coral, Turquoise. 

    This portable and durable bundle accompanied with 16 Switch Lite accessories that are necessary, such as screen protectors, game case, case protector, thump grips, etc.

    Receive one package, and you can get up to 17 accessories. You don't need to buy other accessories one by one, and afraid whether they are suitable with this case. 

    2) Nintendo Switch(OLED) Bundle

    If you own a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch OLED device, then you'd prefer this Nintendo Switch Bundle with 18 accessories or Nintendo Switch OLED Bundle with 18 accessories.

    Both two editions use the same bundle but with different accessories. This Kit is portable and light enough for you to carry out. You can bring your device to the party, camping, travaling.

    With 19 game cards slot, it allows you to store all your games on this small bag. 

    You know what's the best gift for gamers? Send them a bundle! Three colors available: blue, pink, and grey. Vibrant blue and pink, and mature gray.

    3) Nintendo Switch Sports Bundle

    Nintendo Switch Sports Kit

    Nintendo Switch OLED Sports Kit

    Nintendo Sports Kit

    For InnoAura Nintendo Switch Sports Bundle and Nintendo Switch OLED Sports Bundle, you can get 20 sports accesories in one kit.

    If you are a sports enthusiast, these two bundles are best for you. All our accessories have high quality and easy to use. You don't worry about they will get loose or fall off.

    If you already own a Nintendo Switch Bundle, and what you want is just one set of sports accessories, then we recommend you choose Nintendo Sports Bundle, which have 14 accessories.

    All these products are available on Amazon. Add to the cart, and experience your game!

    All products on InnoAura store enjoys 30-day free return. You can get your money back if you are unsatistifed with them. 

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