I'm an only child, born into a loving family. My dad is a big fan of Nintendo, and he used to play with me, making our home a lively place filled with laughter. On my fifth Christmas Day, my dad gifted me a Switch Lite, my very first gaming console!

Having the Switch Lite, I started making new friends and sharing the joy of gaming with them. Which brought me happiness and friendship. I guess that's the magic of Nintendo.
Oh yes, I have a cute cat who always keeps me company while I'm gaming.
After university, I joined a regular company, where mundane tasks left me frustrated. Gaming provided a relaxing escape.
One day, I decided to replace my worn-out Switch bag to uplift my spirits. While searching online, I noticed all the available bags were just as uninspiring as my daily routine.
I struck, why the bags could not be more eye-catching. A splash of inspiration came to me at the time. I picked up my drawing book, and try to innovate something different.

Why I made InnoAura?

I recalled the path of my game and grow, I realized that besides my parents, my cat always has been there with me.
My cat named Aura, who is quite reliant on me and, always surrounds me while I’m gaming. Aura is my thirteen years old birthday gift, which is not just a cat, but my family.

The past comes to mind, I miss Aura so much. Unconsciously, I added Aura to my drawings.

Why I made InnoAura?

One weekend, my friends come to visit me, and I shared my drawings with them. Surprisingly, they love my creations! They encouraged me to share my unique ideas with others who love games. Maybe I can do my business, I thought. I try to tell my parents, and I got supported!

Finally, innoAura was born, which means innovate and my Aura.
I'm Different.